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BIAS PitchCraft EZ BIAS (that's Berkley Integrated Audio Software, Inc.) PitchCraft is pitch correction software and part of the highly acclaimed Master Perfection Suite--high-end mastering suite software included in BIAS Peak Pro XT 6. But PitchCraft EZ is a streamlined version now available for introductory price of $99 MSRP while the standard version of PitchCraft is $149 MSRP. It runs as a VST, RTAS and AU plug-in on MAC or PC DAW host systems and features the same pro-quality automatic vocal tuning & effects.

Already owning Peak 6, I was acquainted with PitchCraft and I was impressed with this version's "cut to the chase" immediacy. PitchCraft EZ employs state-of-the-art algorithms in a super easy GUI to affect all the current pitch-based vocal effects heard on so many records. It does these effects with a lot less pre-processing steps--the little trade secrets master "pitchers" use--they are automatically done with PitchCraft EZ.

PitchCraft EZ changes pitch, does key transposition, preserves formants or not, and retains the natural sound of vocals or not--because both the formant (the vowel sounds) and pitch information are separately adjustable. This makes gender changing and age-related effects possible--make men sound like woman or old people sound much younger.

There are also many scale types useful for conforming errant vocal melodies plus I liked the ability to customize a scale to fit an unusual chord change, arcane modes or key modulations. I liked the GUI because it is easy to see and use yet doesn't fill up my entire Pro Tools screen. PitchCraft EZ sounds great for serious tuning work or all the way up to wacky, highly stylized vocal robotic effects. It runs under any host software out there without a hitch!

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