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Blue Microphones en•CORE 300 Live Condenser Mic

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Blue Microphones enCORE 300 Live Condenser Mic Blue Microphones' en•CORE 300 cardioid is the top of their live microphone line--it uses a capsule similar to one of their studio mics. The company says: "this mic uses the latest proprietary Blue condenser capsule technology in a reinforced, open architecture design for high-quality stage performance".

To minimize the typical resonances inherent in a mic's enclosure, the en•CORE 300's capsule uses an open-air design. It is surrounded and suspended from the top and bottom using a rubber suspension shock-mounting system. The en•CORE 300 uses a "specifically-tuned" phantom powering circuit that runs its pre-amp circuit and backlights a cool-looking blue, company logo.

Initially I compared the en•CORE 300 to my regular live vocal mic here in at my Tones 4 $ Studios where I could scrutinize the sonic differences easily. The 300 required little microphone pre-amp gain--a loud singer will need only about 25-to-35 dB max. (It's capable of 140dB SPL max sound level). An intrinsically hotter mic is good news for quiet singers who, in the past, may have fought with the soundman (who's used to a dynamic mic's much lower output) for sufficient mic sensitivity.

My "reference" dynamic required around 40dB of mic gain to produce the same volume. The 300 has a "taller" sound--more top and bottom (40Hz to 20kHz rated response) with less of the nasality I usually hear on dynamic live mics. Like any good live mic, the 300 has a tight pickup pattern that minimizes feedback and exhibits little handling noise or change in sound even if the mic is gripped near its head.

"P" popping was noticeable and a foam cover may be in order for certain singers. The 300 feels well balanced in my hand with its ribbed grip and its "large and in charge" size (weighs 0.9lbs). Both the electro-plated styling and hardened painted body are gorgeous and seem durable.

The en•CORE 300 sells $199 MSRP and is a fresh choice in the right direction for better live sound. Check out:

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