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EBS Fafner II Dual Channel Bass Amp

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EBS Fafner II Dual Channel Bass Amp
From Sweden comes EBS' Fafner II bass amp with a two-channel preamp (Clean and Drive) that runs in either series or parallel modes. As you've already guessed, the sound possibilities are endless with a system like this. Adding to this are individual effect loops for each channel plus a master loop to process the finished sound. Individual loops means you could use a noise gate or any other effect for the Drive channel without affecting the Clean channel.

For recording and live sound work, there are two separate balanced XLR-outputs, one before and the other after the EQ section. Besides blending a clean signal with a processed feed straight from the amp, the clean signal is useful for front of house or the studio's console direct input.

For the Clean sound try the built-in compressor that EBS amps are famous for. I like the footswitch remote control because you can switch between the channels, bypass the filters, switch the character filters or just mute the amp's output while tuning. Lastly the power amp is fully protected and provides up to 750-watts RMS into a two-ohm load; 610-watts at four-ohms; and 310-watts into eight-ohms. Made and designed in Sweden, the EBS Fafner is available at and and for more information, go to:

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