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Guitar Labs Series from eMedia The Guitar Lab series of guitar instruction are DVDs with both lesson content and learning tools powered by TrueFire. The first six titles include: Ravi's Learn Guitar in 21 Days; Frank Vignola's 50 Jazz Guitar Licks You MUST Know; journalist Rich Maloof's 50 Acoustic Guitar Licks You MUST Know; Jeff McErlain's 50 Blues Guitar Licks You MUST Know; Joe Dalton's 50 Country Guitar Licks You MUST Know; and Chris Buono's 50 Rock Guitar Licks You MUST Know.

Priced at $24.95 MSRP each, all six have picture-in-a-picture video, manual, standard notation, tab, power tab files, practice rhythm tracks and bonus material.

I first chose Ravi's Learn Guitar in 21 Days for instant gratification--once you learn tuning and about eight simple chords, you'll be playing along with thousands of songs in your music collection. The picture-in-a-picture video works great and stays out of the way. I liked the practice rhythm tracks and although I barely read music, the standard notation along with guitar tablature is good to have running along with the music.

I think I read music a little better now after only a brief exposure to these DVDs! The tab, text guides and interactive Power Tab allow you to 'see' and 'hear' the tab and notation played out at any tempo, without changing pitch. Pretty sweet.

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