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Instant PopStar from Topics Entertainment Instant PopStar is a song creation construction kit with all the parts you need for building a "customized" music backing track for you to write lyrics and sing along with. It runs on any PC (Win XP/Vista) with audio recording capability. (Sorry no MAC support right now) It uses Cakewalk's Sound Center and its own Music Creator LE programs. In addition to the software, the package includes a handheld microphone and cord to connect to your computer's sound card, a detailed instruction manual, and a library of over 3GB of original music files you can use royalty-free.

The expertly produced and pre-recorded original basic backing music tracks are chopped up into three song sections: verse, chorus and bridge. There are up to 12 versions of each section all in related keys making them fully interchangeable with one another. Any verse section works with any chorus and they both will work with any bridge. These "Song Blocks" are recorded and organized into three tempos: slow, medium, and fast.

For further polishing your creation, there are isolated recordings of strings, guitar parts, synths, keyboards, brass, and percussion you can add anywhere in your constructed song as you desire.

By mixing and matching hundreds of interchangeable Song Blocks and loops however you want, the possibilities are endless! Simply drag and drop music blocks on the song template, add loops and sing your melody into your PC using the included recording microphone.

Instant PopStar sells for $49.99 and for more information contact Topics Entertainment at

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