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Modern Recording Techniques 7th Edition from Focal Press

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Modern Recording Techniques 7th Edition from Focal Press Authors David Miles Huber and Robert E. Runstein have what I call a good problem: Modern Recording Techniques is now in its seventh edition and it is still current so it will always remain one of the best reference book on music recording ever written. Building on the sixth edition with over 650 pages including two appendices and index, Modern Recording Techniques update further by condensing some of the depreciated areas of recording and going deeper into surround sound techniques, newer digital technologies and explaining the emerging trends in recording. The companion Web site at has even more resources and information.

What makes this book universal is its firm connection to the real world of recording today. This time there is more information about home or project studios and how they have become mainstream venues for records, TV/Film and post-production work. The chapters on DAWS, plug-ins and computers are filled out with the latest software and work processes. As before, the book explains both the technical and perceptual sides of the production of sound and music--you'll learn how your ear works and why but also about phenomenon like masking, beating and combination tones.

The book's style remains the same: not organized like a technical text book but more like of a story told using a special referential perspective and within a complete historical context. There are over 500 technical drawings, screen shots and product photos of studio floor plans, software processors and DAW systems, commonly used processing gear, consoles and MIDI instruments.

With sections about sound and hearing, studio acoustics and design, microphones, analog tape recorders, digital audio technologies, DAWs, synchronization, groove tools and techniques, MIDI and electronic music, multimedia and the WWW, loudspeakers and amplifiers, consoles, noise reduction, monitoring, mixing, signal processing, product manufacture, studio tips and tricks, and mastering and studio session procedures, Modern Recording Techniques is a must have for any person doing recording.

It's from Focal Press, an imprint of Elsevier for $44.95. Check

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