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Mojave Audio MA-101fet Condenser Microphone

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Mojave Audio MA-101fet Condenser Microphone Reasonable priced at $595 MSRP, the Mojave Audio MA-101fet mic comes with by both an omni and cardioid capsule and is designed for recording acoustic guitar, piano, and wind instruments. +48-volt phantom-powered, the microphone's good headroom also makes it a good choice for louder percussion instruments and drum kit overheads.

Some technical stuff: the interchangeable capsules have 3-micron thick, 0.8-inch diameter gold sputtered diaphragms giving the mic a 20 to 20kHz +/ - 3 dB frequency response rating and a -40 dB (1 volt per Pascal) sensitivity with a distortion rating of less than 1% @ 120 dB SPL. The mic has an internal -15db pad switch that increases the distortion spec to 135 dB SPL.

I tried out the MA-101 here at my Tones 4 $ Studios on a Martin D15 acoustic with a rosewood neck and mahogany body. I used 45dB of mic pre-amp gain and tried the mic first with the cardioid capsule. I liked the full, fat sound partly due to the proximity effect even though the mic was about 10-inches out from the guitar's 12th fret. The sound was full of detail and richness with great transient response and transparency.

I switched to the omni capsule (it just screws in place of the cardioid) and got a brighter sound without the proximity bass build up. This is even a more transparent detailed sound so I used the mic in omni for all double-tracking.

I found the MA-101fet an excellent mic for acoustic but it works great for most any instrument--especially for quieter, more somber playing. Yet it is killer for loud sounds as well making it an excellent all-around mic for your studio. It comes complete with the two capsules, a mic clip and stores in its own small flight-style case box.

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