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MXL Microphones A-55 Kicker

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MXL Microphones A-55 Kicker The MXL A-55 Kicker is a specifically-designed kick drum dynamic microphone but don't let that stop you from using it on other low-frequency instruments like tom-tom drums, bass guitar cabinets, or congas. Like all of MXL's drum mics, it'll take any kind of abuse from any drummer--even from some I've met that I question their total chromosome count.

I checked out the cardioid only A-55 with drummer Joey Ayoub at his Sound Salon Studios in Hollywood, CA. We found the optimum position on his Yamaha 18 X 22-inch bass drum to be midway inside the drum and aimed at the beater head. We used just 22dB of mic gain from an Avalon 737 and no EQ or compression. The A-55 produced a solid kick drum sound with good top end and not excessive subsonic information like some other kick mics provide. For faster paced Rock tracks, we preferred the extra mid-range character and cut the mic brought out of the drum.

The A-55 weighs a hefty 540 grams and has a 30Hz to 15kHz response, is made using a durable black metal, and measures 60 X 130mm. It includes a built-in mic clip, carrying pouch, and MXL's blue cleaning cloth.

As solid sounding as it looks, the A-55 sells for $149.95 MSRP and for much more go to:

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