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Orange Amps' Thunder 30 Combo and Head

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Orange Amps' Thunder 30 Combo and Head

Orange Amp's new Thunder 30 combo and head will replace the Rocker 30 by Spring 2010. Thunder 30 is an all-tube, Class-A 30-watt, twin channel amplifier that uses four EL84 power section tubes (that's two more than the Rocker 30). Channel 1 is a classic vintage clean sound and, when cranked, delivers power amp overdrive. Channel 2 is an overdrive/distortion channel with a Shape control like on the Thunderverb models. The exactly same amp circuit is used in both the head and the 1 X 12 Thunder 30 combo models. Both Thunder 30 models have an effects loop while the combo features a front-loaded design.

The Thunder 30 combo has plenty of power for any gig yet is portable and light enough to use for regular gigging--live or in the studio. The Orange Thunder 30 head sells for $1,199 while the combo goes for $1,349. Much more information is at:

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