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Pigtronix Echolution Pedal Echolution is the most advanced and versatile delay pedal I've seen these days for guitarists. Echolution combines the best traits of digital and analog processing into a delay system with a preamp section that can be driven to saturation and overdrive the delay line.

Powered by its own special 15-VDC power supply, Echolution has four sections: a tap tempo delay with fixed, musically-related delay modifiers, a modulated delay processor with both chorus and tremolo effects, and an overdrive/mix/filter section for arriving at a final sound and level.

I tried out Echolution in my studio and found the unit quiet and easy to adjust. It has a warm delay sound and actually functions like two pedals in one.

Echolution lets you add additional echoes in musical subdivision steps. If you've tapped a quarter note delay, just flip up the1/2 switch and you'll add another delay at one half of the tapped delay time or i.e. the delay goes to an eighth note spacing. This wouldn't be any big deal except there are also 1/4, 3/4, 1/3, 2/3 switches and you can add them in any combination that would make U2's Edge envious. The golden ratio (PHI) switch changes the values of all these fractions to numbers based on a mathematical spiral.

I also like the reverse switch that flips the echo around backwards and when you combine it with the loop feature and delay times up to 12 seconds, you can get some pretty cool soundscapes going!

Echolution's Chorus and Tremolo modulated delay section when switched in, overrides the setup you've got in the Tap Tempo section. LFO modulation speed is continuously variable and the delay time is sweepable over three ranges: 10ms to 120ms, 100ms to 1.2 seconds and 1 second to 12 seconds.

Both tremolo and chorus can be added to the delay effect with separate depth controls for each. With a stereo (phase flipped) output and an expression pedal input for controlling the delay time in the modulation mode, Echolution sells for $649 MSRP or about $479 MAP. More information at:

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