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Planet Waves Headstock Tuner

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Planet Waves Headstock Tuner Plug-in guitar tuners are great except that you have to plugged them in. (duh!) Planet Waves has a tuner that clips to the headstock or bridge of any instrument and "reads" the internal vibrations to show pitch. So besides no need to use a cable for plugging it in, its backlit, multi-color LCD display lights up without interference from ambient room noise.

There are dual visuals: both the note played and a digital sharp/flat needle. I especially liked the unit's low profile--it doesn't stick up off the headstock like some other dorky tuners I've seen. Rather it is a clip about the width of a guitar neck that, when attached to the end of the headstock, looks more built-into the headstock. The display aims back down the headstock and neck toward you making it easy to tune in a kind of "binary" way--red, showing out of tune, and green showing in tune. Its super-accurate tuning software uses an ultra-sensitive piezo sensor system for increased vibration sensitivity and more accurate note registration.

Get the Planet Waves Headstock Tuner for $49.99 MSRP and for more information, visit:

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