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Propellerhead Reason 5 and Record 1.5 Now sold as a bundle, Sweden-based Propellerheads has closely integrated Reason 5 and Record 1.5 so efficiently that they become an undeniable DAW music production system that will, more than ever, "draw" you into making music with its seductive powers.

Using Reason and Record together, like all modern music software, it requires a current computer, some external microphones or your built-in computer mic, an USB MIDI controller and/or set of drum pads, and a little talent. There are no additional plug-ins or standalone programs to buy: Reason 5 has all the tools built-in without all the usual built-in tech hassle--they are in a virtual "rack" connected in anyway you like--a design mainstay Propellerheads pioneered 10 years ago.

With Record running, there is the same instant access to professional recording tools and signal processors without having to call a pro to work them. I found Record not to affect anything I already had running in Reason and vice-versa too. There was never a situation where I had to print or mute a sequence first before I had enough CPU resources to record audio. I also loved that tempo changes are instant--just tap the large button and tempo changes go across all audio and sequenced tracks together--no separate audio processing is required. Record 1.5 now scales tempo of individual clips too.

Propellerhead Reason 5 and Record 1.5 New in the rack are: Dr. Octo Rex, an 8-slot REX loop player, Kong Drum Designer 16-pad drum module, and Neptune Pitch Adjuster and Voice Synth--all au courant necessities for these days' modern music production styles.

There are also expanded factory sound banks now 1.5GB large and the new Blocks feature allow you to create sections or grooves in discrete yet freely malleable Blocks accessible with global editing. Live, In-device sampling is now standard for all sample-based instruments (Yes!) and there is the ability to record any sound or music you hear in your computer--even online sources

Still much more than I can cover in this space but know that the new Reason/Record bundle makes the perfect songwriting collaboration vehicle--everything is saved together. It is compatible with all sample rates, bit depths and formats and will connect to any other DAW via Propellerhead's now standard Rewire protocol. Check for more at:

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