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Three New Character Series Pedals from Tech 21 Three New Character Series Pedals from Tech 21 Three New Character Series Pedals from Tech 21

Tech 21 "dials in" three new SansAmp Character Series pedals to very specific eras and musical genres with the Oxford, Leeds and U.S. Steel.

The Oxford gets that '70s London glam to modern stoner rock tonality while the Leeds transports your tone to the '60s classic UK Rock or to the '70s Progressive Rock days. U.S. Steel, as you might surmise, is all Yankee with tones from the '90s through Y2K modern metal.

These pedals add to the already popular Blonde, British, California, Liverpool and VT Bass pedal designs. And each have continuously variable Character controls that sweep through a myriad of tonal possibilities too numerous to tick off here--you'll just have to get one or more of them to suit your playing style and sonic quests.

Lastly, like all SansAmps, each Character Series pedal is 100% analog and can be used as a stand-alone pre-amp to drive a power amp, a studio mixer, or a PA system, or used as a stompbox with an amp. There is a built-in, defeatable speaker simulation that's specifically tuned to the amp tone the pedal emulates, three-band active EQ, and Drive and Level controls.

SansAmp Character pedals sell for $225 MSRP and there is much more "color" at

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