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SPL MK2-T Vitalizer Plug-in

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SPL MK2-T Vitalizer Plug-in

Based on the famed SPL Vitalizer® line of stereo processors, the MK2-T is a plug-in emulation of the Tube Vitalizer Model 9739 unit and SPL's latest in their Analog Code plug-in series. The Vitalizer is a stereo program equalizer that uses psychoacoustic technology to provide unique results as compared to other equalizers. (Vitalizer ® is trademarked and the principles are patented under U.S. 7,352,872).

The plug-in, available in stereo or mono versions and in AU, VST, RTAS, TDM and Venue formats, is like the hardware unit--an additive processor processing is always added to and never subtracted from the signal.

Essentially a three-frequency band system, the MK2-T starts with a bass processor that includes an adjustable compressor for controlling the concomitant (electrical) level jump associated with any bass boost. This section is coupled to a broad, mid-range shelving equalizer--a single process control knob controls both together. The usual stridency of increasing mid-range frequencies is dampened by an amplitude-correlated phase shift.

The third equalizer band is an old-school LC (coil and capacitor) style shelving equalizer with special harmonic coloration. Finally, the MK2-T finishes off with a stereo enhancement section that widens the stereo image for increasing the perceived soundstage.

I found many uses for the MK2-T plug-in during my recent album mix projects. On bass guitar, I am able to tailor its sound to be rounder and deeper or tighter and stiffer with the Bass control. This bass processing is also useful for extracting low frequency information from guitar and keyboard tracks without using massive bass EQ boosting. On the stereo mix bus, the LC equalizer is so smooth you can crank on a tremendous amount yet not make the mix sound harsh or tinny--it'll become more open and airy sounding. Adding some of the Stereo Expander widens out any mix revealing ambience both recorded and artificially added. This is a splendid effect!

SPL's Vitalizer MK2-T plug-in is downloadable at: there is a 14-day demo available. With this single plug-in, I can do processing unlike any of the other 600 plug-ins in my collection! It is a must have!

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