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StringStretcha Guitar String Stretcher

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StringStretcha Guitar String Stretcher StringStretcha is a new tool that properly stretches guitar strings--an obvious necessity after changing them. The old way of just yanking upwards on a semi-tighten string is full of random inconsistencies--all six strings are never equally stretched--some are overstretched causing a shorter life or they are under stretched opening the door to future tuning problems.

Made out of a crush-resistant epoxy material, StringStretcha has an ergonomic shape with a comfortable handle grip that fits perfectly within your hand. One end has a crochet-like hook that grabs any string from underneath while the other end, called the heel, has a notch to lock it into resting further back on the same string. The hook and heel act as pivot points--two fulcrums that spread the forces of stretching over a shorter section of the string. Old fashion string stretching relies on only the bridge and nut as pivots for stretching the string through its entire length.

The makers of StringStretcha say "it allows your guitar to be perfectly tuned instantly...resulting in a better sound as the strings will ring precisely and consistently with each strum."

Simply grab the string with the hook, lock in the heel and let only the weight of your hand apply downward pressure on StringStretcha's handle and the string. Slide the StringStretcha up and down each string only two times so as to not over stretch. Do not drag the heel on the fretboard. It's also a good idea to not go beyond the first fret and hold each string down at the nut while stretching. You should also tune each string right after stretching it.

StringStretcha will give you more evenly stretched strings over their entire length and it is a must-have for any guitar player, tech or luthier. StringStretcha sells for $12.95 MSRP and comes with complete instructions and an instructional DVD. It's available from

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