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T-Rex Octavius Dual Octave Pedal

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T-Rex Octavius Called a Tri-Tone Generator, Octavius is an octave divider and octave multiplier in one guitar pedal. Besides adding these two new tones to your guitar's signal, it also has a clean boost function you can use alone or in tandem with the effects.

There are but four controls on Octavius: Lo Oct level, Hi Oct level, Master Mix control sets the relationship between the two octaves and the dry signal, and Boost amount which has a separate stomp button for kicking in extra level for solos and standouts.

We found Octavius to sound wonderfully warm--it tracks well and there is no feeling of latency in either the dry signal or the octaves. The Boost feature is very good in that it introduces little additional tonality shift or distortion--a good thing when you're putting out three octaves at a time!

We liked it for funk lead lines and riffs and also to replicate 12-string guitar solos on stage. We can leave the fussy Rickenbacker 12 home! We also like using it when playing double stop 4ths and 5ths--it sounds like an organ! Amazing!

Octavius requires an external 12-volt/800ma DC power supply as its circuitry needs more power than a nine-volt battery can make. It sells for $369 MSRP and much more information is at: You can purchase T-Rex Pedals direct from the T-Rex American Ambassador at

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