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Yamaha's CP Series Stage Pianos

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Yamaha's CP Series Stage Pianos

For the new CP series, which includes the CP1, CP5 and CP50, Yamaha has reinvented their approach to electronic piano design with their Spectral Component Modeling. Said to reproduce the sound and expressiveness of acoustic and vintage electronic pianos better than any technology, this technology replicates an instrument's physical components including the hardness of the hammers, the resonance of the soundboard and the striking position of the hammers.

The flagship CP1 has the sound of 17 Yamaha acoustic and vintage electronic pianos, including the CFIIIS, S6B, CP80, RD1, RD II, WR and the famed DX7. Both the CP1 and CP5 feature the new NW-STAGE weighted wooden keys and all models use Virtual Circuit Modeling to replicate the effect units, amplifiers, compressors, EQ and other equipment that were so essential in creating many of those legendary vintage sounds. There are also VCM emulations of several historical pedals including phasers, flangers, wah-wahs and choruses.

The CP5 and CP50 models feature high quality Yamaha reverbs along with many of the effect algorithms from the Motif XS line of workstations. The CP5 includes weighted keys, the core sounds of 17 acoustic and vintage electric piano sounds, and 305 additional sounds and effects, recording and playback options for MIDI and audio, 100 rhythm patterns and a convenient Master Keyboard function.

The CP50 has 12 acoustic and electric piano sounds, 215 additional sounds and effects and Yamaha's Graded Hammer Action keys. All of the CP models feature rugged construction, 88 keys, great retro looks, 128-note polyphony and USB-to-Host and USB-to-Device connectivity. For pricing and more information, go to:

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