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ZT Lunchbox Extension If you happen to already own one of the popular Lunchbox amps, you have to buy the Lunchbox cabinet. In a nutshell, the Lunchbox cab is a Lunchbox amp without the amp. It is exactly the same dimensions (7.5 x 9.8 x 4.4-inches) and finished so you can stack your matching Lunchbox right on top of it. It has a sealed cabinet that sounds complimentary to the speaker in the Lunchbox amp. Connected together they make a killer combination.

The ZT Lunchbox Cab is a passive extension speaker designed for Lunchbox products only and weighs less than seven pounds yet blasts out over 120dB. It also has a polarity or phase flip switch on the back panel for obtaining a spatial effect when spacing your Lunchbox amp and the Cab apart on the stage.

The sound of the Lunchbox amp takes on a whole new dimension while simultaneously driving the Cab. Sometimes I liked using the Cab only--being on the bottom, its proximity to the floor influences the sound. You can change the phase/polarity switch while playing and it is very noticeable when you flip it--the low frequencies thin out and if you separate the Lunchbox amp and the Cabinet horizontally, you'll get that phasey and wide effect.

We like putting them in phase and stacking the amp on top of the Cab--this is a mighty sound that belies the diminutive amp stack standing before you. I suppose you could play a trick on your guitar player by promising a loud "stack" for the gig and present the Lunchbox stack to him/her. Think along the lines of the funny This Is Spinal Tap Stonehenge stage snafu but once you heard the sound, there would be no laughing at all!

A pleasant surprise from ZT Amplifiers, the Cabinet is a must-have for all current owners of the Lunchbox amp. It sells for $199 and for more information check

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