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ZT Amplifiers Club The Club is ZT Amplifiers' physically biggest guitar amp so far. Still only 22lbs, the Club uses the Lunchbox's and Lunchbox Acoustic electronics but adds separate bass and treble tone controls. The same plate-style reverb and whopping 200-watt Class AB power amp are there but they are now married to a beefy twelve-inch speaker. Expect SPLs of over 130dB with a fat low end and detailed mids and highs.

The Club has all of ZT amp's latest upgrades: an effects loop with rear-panel 1/4-inch send and return jacks, combination variable headphone/DI output, external 8-ohm speaker jack with on/off switch, aux Input 1/8-inch stereo input for playing backing tracks through it, and a vintage modeled tone stack. The Club measures: 14 x 15 x 9.25-inches and features sealed-box speaker tuning.

We jammed a Les Paul Studio into the Club and proceeded to annoy the neighbors. This amp has a thick sound and is very loud if you want to go there. The twelve-inch speaker will carry as much bass as you can give it--even from this especially heavy-sounding Les Paul model. We found the Club to be everything the Lunchbox is but with a lot more "weight" and heft to the sound.

It's fat sound makes a perfect compliment to guitars with single-coil pickups and it will even work for bass guitar at low volumes--such as a monitor in the recording studio. I liked using the iPod input for jamming with MP3s and effects insert works great.

Perfect for Blues and Classic Rock players of all styles, the Club is the natural progression of new ideas from ZT Amplifiers and it sells for $599 MSRP and for more information check

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