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A-Designs JM-3001 Channel Strip

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A-Designs JM-3001 Channel Strip

There are three inputs to the very pro, single-channel A-Designs Audio JM-3001 Channel Strip: microphone, instrument and the EQ/insert input. So it is possible to keep a vocal microphone, a bass guitar (or any other instrument such as guitar or synth) connected at all times and use the EQ on an already recorded track.

You could choose to use, on any of the three sources, the musical three-band equalizer that includes separate 12dB/octave high and low pass filter sections with individual in/out switches.

I liked that unit "splits" into separate mic pre and line level equalizer sections allowing them to work on different audio streams at the same time. All of this "wonderfulness" is housed a single rack space cabinet with built-in world power supply.

I gave this little "jewel" a "test flight" here at my Tones 4 $ Studios and was pleased with the sound, build quality and the unit's overall utility. Currently, I have it split: the mic pre is patched and ready to record a lead vocal directly into Pro Tools while the EQ is busy fixing a crummy bass sound on the same song. For the best possible sound from both the mic pre and EQ sections, the unit has two independent transformer balanced outputs for each. This is a very worthwhile and deluxe feature not often bothered with by most pro gear manufacturers.

The equalizer has 33 frequency choices covered in three, overlapping frequency bands that cover 50Hz to 15kHz with +/-12 dB of boost/cut available. In addition, there are three (one for each EQ section) three-position Q switches. The Q or Quality of an EQ or filter controls the number of frequencies affected by a single EQ section. This parameter lets you "home" in precisely on the certain frequency(s) that need attention in your music.

Other things: all Class-A operation, separate mic gain control, -20dB mic attenuator pad, +48V phantom power, phase (polarity) reverse switch, EQ in/out switch, and a recessed 1/4-inch front panel DI jack with separate gain control.

A-Designs Audio JM-3001 sells for $2,600 and for much more about it check

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