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Audio Engineering Associates KU4 Ribbon Mic

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Audio Engineering Associates KU4 Ribbon Mic The AEA KU4 is a unidirectional pattern ribbon velocity mic. Most ribbon mics have, by using typical ribbon transducer design, a bi-directional or figure-of-eight pattern pickup that pickups sound from its front and back. AEA continues their unique approach to microphone design by making the KU4 a super cardioid mic. It has a more focused directionality than cardioid-only mics plus excellent rejection of sound coming from behind it. The KU4 has less proximity effect (the buildup of low frequencies when close to it) and a smooth and wide frequency response all the way up to 40kHz due to Its lightly-tensioned, ultra low mass ribbon.

The KU4 celebrates the legacy of the famed and short-lived RCA KU3A mic (only 600 were ever made) and uses authentic new/old stock RCA ribbon material packaged into a field-replaceable assembly. The mic is hand-made in Pasadena, CA and has an anodized and nickel-plated finish, a custom AEA transformer, and powerful neodymium magnets.

Some important specs are: frequency response range goes from below 30 Hz to above 20 kHz, max SPL is over 140db, sensitivity is 2.8 mV/Pa, output Impedance is 300 ohms, phantom power is not required, and it weighs 4.7 pounds.

Pricing and much more can be found at:

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