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Blue Microphones' enCORE 100i

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Blue Microphones' enCORE 100i The enCORE 100i is the latest from Blue and its primary use is for the live sound capture and/or the recording of musical instruments. The same core technology used in the enCORE 100 dynamic vocal microphone is here again but "sculpted" with a wider and flatter frequency response to handle all the sound from any musical instrument. It also has a tighter polar pattern to reduce intrusive off-axis sounds--an important feature for both live sound work and the recording studio.

The enCORE 100i goes with the same familiar look as all the road-ready enCORE series mics but with a slightly smaller grille, small side vent slots and the same reinforced capsule guard ring. Inside is a custom-designed diaphragm and coil winding plus a custom-built output transformer. Blue claims "these purposefully coordinated components provide an accurate and consistent sound even at high volume levels on stage."

I tried out the encore 100i here at my Tones 4 $ Studios. My Fender Strat plugged into my trusty ZT Lunchbox guitar amp sounded great when I put the 100i in exactly the same place as I usually position my other dynamic mic. Immediately, compared to using that other mic, I heard that the 100i was fatter sounding and had more transparency. I can hear further into the sound than I normally do with this mic. I like the 100i's slightly smaller size for getting in close and its overall heft and feel.

A great competitively priced alternative to other instrument dynamic mics that sounds great, the enCORE 100i sells for $89 MSRP. For more information, visit

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