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Blue Microphones Mikey 2G

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Blue Microphones Mikey 2G The 2nd generation Mikey 2G is a CD-quality microphone for most iPods, iPhone 3G/3GS and the iPod Touch 1, 2, and 3G. It retains the original Mikey's excellent stereo condenser capsules with three different mic gain settings for recording whispers, lectures or Rock bands taking off in rocket ships. Its new, updated circuitry makes it better than ever for mobile field recording while the mini USB connection lets you keep your iPod/iPhone charged while in record. Loss of a recording was a common problem when the iPhone's battery died. Also new is the 3.5mm stereo line input jack for recording a mixer's out or a guitar processor unit like Line6's POD straight in to your iPhone/iPod/iPod Touch. The mic (thoughtfully) automatically mutes when using this input.

The Mikey 2G mic now tilts and locks in any of seven positions over a 230-degree range so you can have your iWhatever lying in any position and still aim the mic at the center of the action for a good stereo sound recording.

I downloaded the free Blue FiRe App and got going recording an interview subject for a write up. Even on the highest gain position, the sound is amazingly clear and present with not much room tone as is usually the case with a lot portable recorders. It sounds like Blue got the amount of mic gain versus compression within their App just right.

I found that to play back recordings I made on my iPhone, I had to either use earphones or unplug Mikey (it somewhat blocks the speaker vents at that end of the phone) to hear the speaker loud enough. No biggie as I was confident about the recording since the App shows the progress of the recording, its waveform and provides standard transport controls. Besides I was finished anyway.

I put Mikey back in the protective cloth case it comes with and uploaded selected files to my server over WiFi for later editing in Pro Tools. You can choose the length of a recording and from three different recording qualities up to CD-quality 44.1kHz sample rate. This process all works well and is now routine--and the old way of doing it is a distant memory! Mikey 2G sells for $79.99 and for more info, go to:

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