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Budda Budwah™ Wah-Wah Pedal

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Budda Budwah Wah-Wah Pedal An engineer named Brad Plunkett, who worked for the Thomas Organ Company, came up with wah circuit around 1967. It is an adaptation of the three-position midrange voicing function used on the Vox Super Beatle amplifier. It is considered one of most significant guitar effects of its time.

Budda's BudWah is a newly updated version of their popular pedal and has both internal and external improvements. There is now a military-grade, sealed potentiometer that will outlast a lifetime of foot abuse; a very positive-feeling heavy duty true bypass switch; improved hand-soldered wiring using a circuit board with ground plane for better RF shielding; an easy-access battery compartment, and a heavier case and treadle that stay planted under your foot.

The Budwah's solid sound comes from a custom inductor coil voiced to produce just the right midrange honk like vintage wahs but without a piercing high frequency shrill. The coil used in the Budwah is like the Italian Fasel inductor used in vintage pedals. Because of this coil, the Budwah can produce a vocal-like quality with a tight and focused tone sweep. Down low, the sound remains thick and clear.

I tried out the Budwah into my high gain amp and it behaved very well with no noise (RF interference) from my cell phone sitting next to it. Also noise-free was the sealed pot. I like the treadle's smooth, easy action and the positive feeling of the bypass switch, and the pedal's massive and stable size.

The sound reminds me somewhat of an old VOX V848 Clyde McCoy wah pedal but without the unreliable operation and flimsy construction. The sound is right: even at the treble position (pedal fully down), it is bright and smooth--I hear the hiss that my Strat's single coils make yet I am not pinned by an ear-aching screech when I play.

A great new addition to my pedal board, the Budda BRS-97020 Budwah Wah-Wah pedal sells for $225 MSRP and for more about it, go to

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