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Cort Arona Bass Guitar

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Cort Arona Bass Guitar German bass manufacturer, Sandberg Guitars, has collaborated with Cort to produce the Arona bass in four and five string models. Sandberg's German engineering and design is fully realized using Cort's state of the art production facilities.

The Arona basses have bodies made of either swamp ash or alder depending on the final finish and a three-piece, bolt-on maple neck. The neck is shaped with the famed Sandberg "C" shape and adorned with a rosewood fingerboard.

All hardware is chrome plated, including the Sandberg designed bridge. Cort is the first manufacturer to use the Delano Desonic pickup system that's found on very expensive, custom-built European basses. The Desonic pickups use two bar magnet pickups with 9.5-mm pole slugs and custom coils. The pickups drive active electronics that have a push/pull volume control and separate balance, treble and bass controls.

The basses finish with a graphite nut, zero fret and great D'Addario EXP165 strings. The Arona 4 is $795 MSRP and the Arona 5 is $850 MSRP. For more information, please visit

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