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EarPeace Hearing Protection

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It goes without saying that over exposure to loud sound will permanently damage your hearing. Audiologists called the temporary loss of hearing sensitivity "threshold shift"--that's where all sounds must be louder to be heard and understood--especially conversational speech.

EarPeace are a set of earplugs that turn the volume down in your ears so you can enjoy listening and/or playing loud music a little longer with less threshold shift and ringing later. Unlike other plugs, a set of EarPeace reduces the volume like a stereo volume control and maintains sound fidelity by keeping the spectral balance of frequencies intact. No more muffled sound and you'll still understand people talking around you.

They come in three different flesh tones and are nearly invisible in your ears--so low profile, nobody will know. EarPeace is a must for anyone who wants high quality sound and great protection.

They come in a handy aluminum carrying tube ready to go on your keychain and sell for $12.95 a pair. They are made from safe, soft, and strong hypoallergenic silicone. EarPeace is reusable and 100% guaranteed. Check:

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