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What Is Music Production? from Focal Press

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What Is Music Production from Focal Press Authors Russ Hepworth-Sawyer and Craig Golding tackle a seemingly nebulous and elusive target for the subject of this 277-page book from Focal Press. I liked that they first define and quantify music production in the first sections and then go on to describe what kind of people gravitate towards this profession, what being a music producer really means, and how to make a (living) business out of it. Then the book goes on to tell you how to prepare for and do the work.

Divided into sections with chapters, I found reading this book in one or two chapter chunks the best way to deeply understand the ideas and concepts involved when working as a producer. Since I already work mostly in the studio, I found Section C interesting because it details the huge amount of work involved in pre-production and the management of the music project itself.

I've seen a lot of money and time lost (not to mention creative energies) because of simple disorganization and a haphazard approach to working in the studio. I especially liked that the authors contrasted the "old school" method of pre-production with modern ways that have come about because of the Internet, DAW usage, and DIY (Do It Yourself) music production and recording.

Section D is called "Doing It" and sets you up to be confident and creative when in the studio. Of course being prepared is a big part of that but so is the whole studio atmosphere created and the way a producer deals with personalities and unexpected problems. Being concerned with how the musicians and artist feel so they give the best performances possible is also examined.

These days, probably more than ever before, a working knowledge of the technology and its new possibilities is vital to the successful outcome of a recording session and Section D gets into the often puzzling (to the newcomer) processes of mixing and mastering.

I found What Is Music Production an excellent read and well worth adding to your library! It's $34.95 and is from Focal Press. More at:

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