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Sensaphonics Offers The Dry & Store Zephyr

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Sensaphonics Offers The Dry & Store Zephyr Sensaphonics offers The Dry & Store Global II and Zephyr electronic desiccant systems that use advanced technology to evaporate water, perspiration, body oils and earwax (for easy removal) from in-ear monitor earphones (IEMs), cochlear implant processors or behind the ear hearing aids. Pioneered by Ear Technology, they both use a Dry-Brick II® desiccant cartridge that lasts for about two months of daily use.

The Dry & Store Global II ($107.95) is the larger unit of the two and also has an ultraviolet (UV) lamp that, in a 2005 test by MaryPaul Laboratories, NJ, killed 99.9% of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and other certain bacterium typically found in the external ear canal. This bacteria will cause itching and/or irritation.

The Dry & Store Global II will accommodate up two sets of implant processors, four behind the ear hearing aids or one body-worn processor. four behind the ear hearing aids or one body-worn processor. The Zephyr ($78.95 pictured and reviewed here) is smaller and perfect for the traveling musician--or any active person to store their in-ear monitors or iPod ear buds.

Sensaphonics Offers The Dry & Store Zephyr If you're a person with high levels of sweat and body oils from performing on stage, working out in the gym and/or jogging, the Zephyr is the perfect place to store you in-ear monitors, ear plugs or ear buds and automatically dry them out--eliminating all residual moisture. In about 8-hours, they will be fresh, ready to go and sounding better than ever.

Even though the Zephyr is designed to hold one pair of IEMs, I manage to cram my set of JHAudio PRO Music Series JH-16s, my set of Ultimate Ears Reference IEMs, and even my Westone ES5 Customs and a set of molded earplugs--cables and plugs and all inside this handsome desktop unit. It has a AC world-power supply plug and I can hear a small circulatory fan running that distributes warm dry air around inside. It is extracting moisture over to the Dry-Brick II desiccant and preventing it from re-condensing back in the earphones. At the end of this process, the unit shuts off automatically and I was ready to take them out and hit the trail for my morning jog while listening to my latest mix work. My IEMs were dry and any earwax just flakes off without any trouble.

The Dry & Store Zephyr is available from Sensaphonics and a three-pack of replacement Dry-Brick II desiccant cartridges is only $10. There is much more at

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