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Mix Master DJ Headphones from Skullcandy

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Mix Master DJ Headphones from SkullcCndy Developed along with the Beastie Boys' DJ Mix Master Mike, the new Mix Master DJ headphones from Skullcandy are all business with many innovative and useful features plus a stylish look.

There is a clever, dual channel cue control built in that automatically switches the entire mix (left and right channels mix together) to one driver when you go to single ear cupping. I also liked the one-touch muting right on the phones for checking your speaker system and the crowd. Another very thoughtful feature is the two input jacks--you can connect the cord on either side. This solves an issue I often see: DJs struggling with other headphone where the cord is always in the way--depending on how they set up there tables and/or if they are left or right-handed.

Now the sound: they are efficient and as loud as you could ever want coming from the large 50-mm drivers. I would characterize the sound quality as thick and super rich with loads of bass--the opposite of tinny and thin. I found myself able to take the mix louder without pain if I required hearing over the noise in the room. The soft, luxurious ear pads fit snugly and are comfortable for hours. Snug enough so that the headphones will not fly off no matter how much head banging you do.

My set came in fire engine red but the latest version (pictured) is all black made using a cool three-piece folding body design that compresses down to about half size for traveling. The futuristic look utilizes stainless steel and aluminum components and the kit includes an extra cable with in-line mic and music control.

The Mix Master DJ Headphones sell for $249 and there is much more information at

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