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SSL X-Rack Stereo Dynamics Module

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SSL X-Rack Stereo Dynamics Module A very small slice of Solid-State-Logic's large format Duality console is now available for the X-Rack and Mynx units in the form of the stereo SuperAnalogue Dynamics module. Users will recognize this one as a stereo version of the mono X-Rack Dynamics Module and will like that it uses the same single rack space and is perfect for stereo tracking or stem mixing.

This stereo module features: a compressor/limiter with soft or hard knee compression styles and RMS or peak sensing detectors that's coupled to an expander/noise gate section with a mono external key input. Like all X-Rack modules, it is fully professional with its: +4dBu operating level, balanced -inch line inputs and outputs, independently switched gate and/or expander section, full multiple module linking capabilities and large gain reduction metering. The new X-Rack Stereo Dynamics module is also compatible with SSL's Total Recall system found on Duality, AWS Series and Matrix consoles and will follow those systems' recall automation to extend for their operation.

Solid-State-Logic's X-Rack SuperAnalogue Stereo Dynamics module sells for $1,159 MSRP and is one of twelve different modules now offered for the eight-slot X-Rack unit.

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