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Stanton Scratch DJ Academy MIX! Software

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Stanton Scratch DJ Academy MIX! Software Scratch DJ Academy MIX! Software was developed by the Scratch DJ Academy, a main player in DJ education. This DJ software lets music fans mix their digital music files and learn DJ basics and pros get a new tool for analyzing their own, existing track collections.

I tried out MIX! (Ver 1.0.8) in my Mac Pro and it worked straight away. The first step in the process is to let it analyze each one of your songs in your music collection--it takes only a few seconds per song and does it "on the fly" while you're busy with some other computer task. It identifies the tempo in beats per minute (BPM), musical structure or arrangement (bars) to re-align them, and finally the music's key.

I liked that knowing the key leads to building mixes that harmonically pay off with song-to-song cross fading. The software highlights, in the list of your song list, all that'll work best with your currently running track predicated upon its key and tempo. This is brilliant! You can preview each song-to-song transition, preset the mixing points at where one song mixes to the next, and zoom close in to the waveform for more precision if you need it.

Once mixes are previewed and adjusted, add any number of scratch effects created by the Scratch DJ Academy instructors. Lastly, you gotta love the Song Information window with tap tempo, beat grid view and bars/beats information.

Also included with MIX! are award-winning Scratch DJ Academy course materials with lessons covering the process of beat matching, scratching, harmonic mixing and general music theory. These lessons are a mouse click away. After you've created your mix, publishing or simply share it online. Of course, each mix can be saved and recalled for future editing, letting users build a library of their favorite song transitions.

Exported mixes play on an iPod®, iPhone®, iPad®, Zune® or any media player. Speaking of iPods, you can drag and drop directly from iTunes, Win Explorer or the Mac's Finder plus MP3, AAC, AIFF, ALAC, and WAV file formats all work fine!

Scratch DJ Academy MIX! works on both Microsoft® Windows® 7 and Apple Mac OS X® platforms OS 10.5 and above. It sells for $49 MSRP and there is much more at:

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