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TASCAM TA-1VP Vocal Processor

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TASCAM teamed up with Antares Audio Technologies to produced the TA-1VP Vocal Processor. The TA-1VP uses the Evo version of Antares' Auto-Tune processing for real-time pitch correction and/or doubling of the input vocal audio. You also get Antares' microphone and analog tube modeling software that adds the sound of any of a long list of top-end studio condenser mics with variable proximity control.

That would be enough for most, but the TA-1VP goes on to make this a complete vocal channel with the addition of a variable-knee compressor, noise gate/downward expander, dual-frequency de-esser and two-band equalizer. I liked the front-panel interface because it has good-size illuminated buttons and meters to show and control what you'll need to produce great sounding vocals for the studio or live performances. There are factory presets and user memory slots to recall settings and real-time MIDI control is also provided if you want to "play" specific notes.

The unit has a front-panel XLR mic connector with phantom powering, rear-panel -inch balanced line input and output connectors, a S/PDIF digital out for connecting to your DAW system, MIDI jacks, and a -inch footswitch input jack.

The TASCAM /Antares TA-1VP sells for $599 MSRP and for much more, contact TASCAM at

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