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TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack

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TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack

VoiceLive Rack combines a digitally controlled and programmable single-channel microphone pre-amp with an eight-section effect system based upon the TC-Helicon's VoiceLive Touch and VoiceLive 2 units. VoiceLive Rack (actually a VoiceLive 2 in a rack unit) has eight, stalwart TC Helicon vocal processors and now adds the ability to add stereo reverb globally to all presets.

The eight processors are: ÁMod (detune, chorus, flange), Delay (including instant Tap tempo from the front panel), Reverb, Harmony (generates harmonies based on vocal input, guitar notes, a MP3 player or selecting key and scale via a MIDI controller), HardTune (and correction), Double, Transducer (amp distortion/filter effects), Rhythmic (chopped, stutter, tremolo). The unit also has a Tone section with a choice of manual or "adaptive" EQ, compression, de-esser, and noise gate processors.

The VoiceLive Rack includes the TC-Helicon MP-75 microphone to enable a singer to control of the unit using a button on the microphone. This button's functionality is duplicated and configured on the unit's front panel. If more extensive remote control is desired, plug in the Switch 3 footswitch for additional remote control.

I quickly set up a mic gain level, phantom power, and a cool vocal doubling effect right from the brilliantly lit front panel touch screen. I liked the large Touch Control in/out buttons that show which of the eight effect blocks are currently running in a preset. They are easy to see on stage or in a darken studio control room--touch them to bypass any of them at any time.

The 238 factory presets are accessible using the onboard Wizard mode and quickly modified by switching to the Edit mode. Once you've got something good, name and store it--there are a total of 400 memory slots and there is way to search, by filtering down, these 400 presets to a more manageable few based on combinations of designated specific effects used. For example: you could build a list of presets that use both tap delay and harmony effects together.

For you recording engineers, VoiceLive Rack is a single input and stereo out unit and I liked the choice of either analog (1/4-inch and XLRs) or digital (S/PDIF) outputs. Plus there is a guitar input (and throughput to your amp)--I can't wait to try VoiceLive Rack on my Fender Strat--and then there is also a 1/4-inch line input--I'm working in the VoiceLive Rack as "my doing anything" outboard processor in my studio mixing.

Other very essential features are: the always active headphone jack for auditioning and dialing in presets; full MIDI I/O as the unit also generates harmony note MIDI data; and a USB 2.0 jack for installing firmware/software updates.

The extremely versatile and useful VoiceLive Rack sells for $945 MSRP and $799 MAP.

Learn much more and see instructive video demos at:

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