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Dark Side Of The Tune's Twisted Cistern

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Dark Side Of The Tune's Twisted Cistern Twisted Cistern is a new sample collection from Dark Side Of The Tune. An abandoned reservoir at Fort Worden military base in Port Townsend, Washington was used as the recording studio for this eclectic collection of 200 guitars, noises, purposely broken electronics, percussion and obscure vintage keyboards.

All these sound makers were lowered 14-feet down into the dark and dank abyss of a two-hundred foot wide tank and then sampled in three variations: dry in mono, stereo reverb return only and a stereo mix of both. They are all on one DVD-ROM (927.9MB), recorded as 24-bit 44.1kHz .wav samples, and carefully labeled so you can find all three variations of each instrument quickly.

I liked that the original dry sound is offered as well as only its reverb--up to a 45-second reverb tail--given as a separate sample. You can then mix the two to taste or do what I liked doing: mixing dry samples with different reverb tails. In addition, I found the third variation, a stereo mix of the original plus its corresponding stereo reverb tail useful for sound effect use.

Some cool sounds I liked are the synth sounds for adding eerie effects to cinematic music sections. Files names like EK006St.wav, LidBPM108St.wav and Bentmath5st.wav will find good use in my Halloween sound effects loop I make up fresh every year. I always pump creepy sounds out to speakers in the bushes near my front porch where trick or treaters unfortunately land. I get to keep a lot candy each year.

On the more music side, I also liked some of the percussion noises such as HiTomCR.wav or KickASt.wav or DjmbeDst.wav. They all make great spices in any mix! Twisted Cistern from Dark Side of The Tune sells for $39.95 and is available at:

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