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Yamaha Club Custom Drum Kits Drummer Steve Jordan helped in the design of Yamaha's Club Custom drum sets. They all feature a striking painted lacquer finish that literally jumped out at me when I first saw it! All good but still better yet was when I learned that the finish actually allows the shells to vibrate freely for a warm tone, strong attack and a controlled sustain.

Said to have an "old-school tone," Club Custom kits feature six-ply kapur (camphor) wood shells--an exotic tone wood exclusive to Yamaha. The exclusive swirl painting technique comes from spinning the shells and applying lacquer streaks. This technique makes no two drums look exactly the same.

All drums have a 60-degree bearing edge with a round profile for just 3-mm of shell-to-head contact making for the better transmission of the head's vibration to the shell. Club Custom drums use oak custom lugs with single-bolt mounting for minimal contact to the shell.

Yamaha's YESS mounting system is used through out while the floor toms use a vertically mounted leg bracket for a more traditional look. The 18, 20 and 22-inch bass drums offered include a mount and the 24-inch kick is available in an R version or no mount.

Finishes available are Swirl Black, Swirl Blue, and Swirl Orange and four-piece kits sell from $4,260 to $4,600 and three piece kits are $3,830 MSRP. Visit

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