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Yamaha GigMaker Drum Kits

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Yamaha GigMaker Drum Kits GigMaker Kits are for first-time to intermediate players--affordable but well-made and great looking and sounding. The kits feature all Yamaha dual-brace hardware with hex tom-tom ball joints for precise positioning.

There are wood bass drum hoops that match the wooden snare drums and all are wrapped up in your choice of five different glitter wrap finishes. Bass drums come in 20 and 22-inch sizes and all drums are made using basswood and poplar with shells available as shell packs along with complete configuration choices of hardware.

You can also buy packaged kits that include Paiste 101 cymbals. Prices range from $670 MSRP for a five-piece kit to $1,300 for a complete kit with hardware. Much more at:

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