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Aguilar Amplification AG 4/5J-HC

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Aguilar Amplification AG 4/5J-HC Aguilar Amplification has the AG 4J-HC and AG 5J-HC hum-canceling pickups that are direct replacements for 4 and 5-string Fender Jazz® and other J-style basses. Just as on electric guitars, single-coil pickups suffer the same noise and hum problems but when used on bass guitars, it is most problematic when mixing the sound between the neck and bridge pickups at vastly different volume levels. Playing loud and/or using a compressor and lots of amp/recording pre-amp gain only exacerbates hum and noise problems.

The Aguilar hum-canceling pickups feature a split-coil design that allows for very specific tone settings with any blend between the neck and bridge pickups you'd like--without 60Hz hum.

Yes of course, hum bucking pickups solve the hum and noise issues but it's a different sound AND modifying your bass guitar to accommodating their larger size is risky business on at least three levels: expense, damage and devaluation, and unknown tone results until you actually do the 'surgery' on your particular instrument.

Wound in Aguilar's NYC factory, the HC pickups use 42-gauge Formvar-coated copper wire with Alnico V magnets and they drop right into the existing holes of most J basses' pickups--without further carpentry. The AG 4J-HC pickups MAP at $189 and the AG 5J-HC pickup goes for $219. Check:

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