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Auralex ProPAD Monitor Speaker Isolation Pads

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Auralex ProPAD Monitor Isolation Pads Auralex's latest product in their Instant Sound Optimizer ISO line is ProPAD™. ProPAD adds to their popular MoPAD™ line and shares its durable construction and provides superior isolation from the vibrations and resonant energy created by near field studio monitors with up to 8-inch woofers.

It DOES matter that your studio monitors transmit "vibes" to your speaker stands, desk top or anything they touch--this mechanical "coupling" degrades, in a greater or lesser degree, the performance of all monitor speakers great and small. The ProPAD prevents vibrational energy created (and required) by speaker's cabinet from being transmitted into your freestanding speaker stands and/or your DAW desktop. Auralex ProPAD Monitor Isolation Pads

ProPADs are sold in stereo pairs and use a 3/4-inch layer of laminated black MDF (medium density fiberboard) covered with a thick layer of Auralex's proprietary IsoPuck™ isolation material. IsoPuck is made of recycled rubber and the ProPAD kit comes with six, stick-on feet made of IsoPuck for flat or angled speaker installations.

ProPAD improves the performance of any small monitor speaker by letting it vibrate freely. It is useful in home/project recording studios, post-production/edit suites, mobile recording facilities, hi-fi listening rooms, home theaters or anywhere monitor/speaker isolation is needed to improve sound. For more information, please visit

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