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Auralex SonoLite Bass Trap Absorbers

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Auralex sonolite Based on Auralex's SonoLite™ absorption panels, the SonoLite Bass Trap Absorbers are sound absorbers and mini-bass traps combined in three-inch thick, 2 X 2 foot squares.

Sound absorber AND bass trap in one panel? That's because their exact function depends on how and where you place them in your room. They have a 45-degree reverse-beveled cut on two of the four edges. For room corners requiring bass trapping, mount them using the angled-edges so as to mate to the opposing walls leaving a triangular-shaped air gap behind them. This traps bass, absorbs higher frequencies and looks great. For wall or ceiling placement, mount the panels flat just like any other absorber panel.

Since they are easily attached using the six included EZ-Stick™ SonoLite Mounting Tabs that come with each pair of SonoLite Bass Trap Absorbers, they'll work as either or both acoustic treatments at the same time.

Each panel is made out of velour fabric-wrapped Studiofoam®Pro and are available in both black and tan colors. The panel is plastic-backed for improved rigidity and durability and using the reusable EZ-Stick tabs allows for freely experimenting with the placement of them in your own particular room.

I found the two Auralex SonoLite Bass Trap Absorbers sent to me for review to be useful for fine-tuning the acoustics of my small, mix room. Their dual functionality, easy DIY installation and upmarket style works well for me; just as all the Auralex Acoustics products that adorned the walls, ceilings and corners of my Tones 4 $ Studios. Much more at:

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