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CAD Audio Acousti-shield AS32

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Acoustishield AS32 CAD Audio Acousti-shield AS32 creates an acoustically 'dry zone' around any microphone mounted in the focal point of its foam-lined parabola-shaped panel. When set up correctly, the AS32 will substantially reduce unwanted reflections, flutter and unwanted environmental acoustic interference that often plagues recordists who must record quiet sources in un-soundproofed and acoustically untreated spaces such home studios or noisy locations.

Acousti-shield AS32 is an excellent accessory for recording sound effect libraries. Sound effects must have a natural, real sound, totally pristine and isolated from external noises. Extraneously noise, where naturally and/or artificially present, reduces any sound effect's future usefulness and repurposing--especially after radical post-processing for dramatic effect.

The Acousti-shield AS32 is a curve-shaped shield made using 16-gauge perforated stainless steel that's covered on the microphone side with high density micro cell acoustic foam cut into twelve, equally-spaced 53-mm wide and 30-cm tall vertical columns.

The Acousti-shield AS32 is supplied with ample mounting hardware to adapt its use to most commonly used microphones no matter how large/small or tall/short they happen to be. Furthermore, both the exact vertical and horizontal distances are also fully adjustable.

I also like that the AS32 allows for creative control and a tailored acoustic response around the microphone. It is less 'top-heavy' and lighter in weight than others and, because it is easily adjustable, more easily balances atop any mic stand and less likely to topple-over your multi-thousand dollar prized microphone.

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