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CAD GXL3000BP Studio Pack

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CAD GXL3000BP Studio Pack Pictured is the GXL3000BP large diaphragm condenser vocal microphone just one of two mics in the new CAD Audio GXL3000BP Studio Pack. A big problem for beginning DIY home recordists is the steep learning curve required to just know which DAW, computer, mic(s) and headphones will work well for them and their music. It's got to be easy to use for just simply recording their songs in a good-sounding way.

Education is always the key but I often hear from my beginning recording engineering students: "what can I get to start out because everything you use (pointing at me) is way too expensive for me? They ask me: what's a good vocal mic or what's a good mic for my acoustic guitar? How much? I just want to record my beats, vocals and guitar and put it on YouTube.

The two CAD Studio Packs are recording kits centered on either the cardioid-only GXL 2200BP condenser ($199 MAP) or the multi-patterned (cardioid-omni-figure of 8) GXL3000BP ($249 MAP) with its 1-inch gold vapor deposited dual diaphragm capsule. Both kits include the GXL1200BP small diaphragm stick condenser mic whose inherent ability to response to bright sounds more accurately than large diaphragm mics make it an excellent choice for recording overheads, hi-hats, cymbals and stringed instruments like acoustic guitars. And completing the pack are CAD's MH110 circumaural headphones with 50-mm neodymium drivers, EP15A pop/wind filter and a shock mount and/or clip and carrying pouches for both mics.

All three, the GXL1200BP, GXL2200BP and GXL3000BP condenser mics match in look with a sexy black pearl chrome finish and solid build quality. So I'm recommending both the CAD GXL3000BP and GXL2200BP Studio Packs as good and inexpensive starting points for students or anybody who is discouraged by all the expensive "choices" and the technical understanding required to make worthwhile equipment purchases that will fill their needs and sound good for their music and home recording setups.

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