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Fanny Wang 3000 Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Fanny Wang 3000 Noise Cancelling Headphones Up until now my experience with noise cancelling phones as been weak. Either they sound good but the noise is not fully "cancelled" or the other way around. The 3000 Wangs are excellent at both jobs: sounding great and removing nearly all outside noise--people talking, A/C rumble, low flying cows--up to 95% of all ambient noise that can intrude on your listening pleasure at any headphone volume--super loud or very quiet.

There are microphones inside each of the L/R ear cups that measure invasive noise you might hear within these closed headphones and two more mics outside of the 3000's that measure ambient noise levels. Using these four microphones and clever electronics, a canceling signal is generated that effectively attenuates all outside noise by up to 20dB.

All this technology requires two AAA batteries that last about 48 hours continuously unless you crank the built-in stereo 5-watt amp all the time! These phones go louder than loud but know the 50-mm dual layer titanium drivers would never complain.

I found them to sound best with just about every iPhone/iPad/iPod and they have an in-line remote microphone for talking on your iPhone 4s. Love the "Facebook" feature: Wang's DuoJack is an in-line headphone splitter for "sharing" your music in stereo with a friend.

The 3000s are especially "dialed in" to sound good without the active noise cancelling turned on and a little louder with it activated. The 3rd position on the lighted switch on the right ear cushion pumps up the bass 6dB. With a rigid protective zippered carrying case, airline headphone adapter and batteries included, the Fanny Wang 3000 Active Noise Canceling Headphones sell for $$299.95 and there is more at:

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