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Novation MiniNova MiniNova is a compact synthesizer that features a new real-time vocal effect called VocalTune™. VocalTune uses the included microphone to pickup your voice and automatically tune it to the note being played on the synth--all in real time. MiniNova is a 37-note synth with smaller keys and the sound and effects from the UltraNova synth.

MiniNova has three oscillators, 36 different wavetable sources, up to five effects, two filters, six envelopes, and three LFOs. A large knob (you can't miss it in the dark) and easy-to-use scroll wheels are used for search and recall of any of the 256 factory and 128 user patches. MiniNova is a live performance synth with an arpeggiator for real-time rhythm performance editing plus the Animate function for adding up to eight dramatic modulations "on the fly" at any time the mood of the party tells you. It comes with 256 amazing factory patches and the space for 128 more user patches.

There is the parameter matrix with 24 sonic tools under the control of four large knobs in addition to the dedicated filter cutoff knob. For patch library management, MiniNova connects to your computer over an included USB cable and uses free software to store, modify and rename.

Lastly, I like that MiniNova is not a closed system--it has two quarter-inch mono jack outputs, stereo headphones jack, and most importantly, XLR jacks for routing sounds through the vocoder and the unit's on-board effects. This allows its effect engines to be used in your studio just like outboard gear. With full MIDI facilities, sustain pedal jack and 9VDC power supply.

MiniNova sells for $624.99 MSRP and for more go to:

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