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PMC AML2 Near Field Monitors

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PMC AML2 Near Field Monitors Professional Monitor Company (PMC) AML2 monitors are the most revealing pair of small, powered near field speakers I've ever used. "Revealing" in the sense that I hear details and features within my music mixes that only I could hear and so (previously) regarded them as innocuous. But that alone is not enough to own a pair of these marvelous sonic microscopes; I found them to vastly improve the quality and the creative intent of my music balances and, more importantly, translate them to the outside world in a reliable and consistent way.

The AML2's uncanny resolution is the culmination of the no compromise design approach PMC uses for all their speaker systems. The AML2 uses PMC's 6.5-inch flat piston woofer constructed of a carbon fiber and Nomex™ honeycomb material. This woofer (at first glance) looks like a passive radiator but I found that, along with PMC's Advanced Transmission Line (ATL)--an internal labyrinth port system, it produces frequencies down to 33Hz without using a subwoofer. Except for 5.1 or 7.1 mixing, this comports with my preference to not use a sub woofer.

The same 34-mm soft dome tweeter used in larger PMC active monitors provides a wide, stable dispersion pattern and contributes to the AML2's super-solid and "vivid" stereo imaging--a level of stereo imaging that reminds me of wearing a pair of high-end electrostatic headphones.

Lastly, the entire rear panel of the AML2's cabinet is a giant heat sink for the two internal Bryston licensed power amplifiers. Derived from the Bryston 3 BSST amplifier, there are both 100-watt LF and 80-watt HF amps that use a low noise 24dB/Oct active crossover with a set of fully adjustable EQ tilt controls housed in a hidden, top-mounted compartment.

The current state of the art and my dream monitoring system for both mixing and mastering, check: for more technical details and information on these AML2 monitors as well as the entire Professional Monitor Company line.

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