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PopperBlocker P and Wind Filter

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PopperBlocker P and Wind Filter A PopperBlocker is a small round screen that fits inside the screw-on metal windscreens of handheld dynamic or condenser microphones mostly used in live sound. At $4.95 each or 10 for $44.95, it's both inexpensive and fast to put one of these into the microphone you're about to use on stage--even if you only "own" the mic for the length of your set! They are made out of a non-metallic, especially fabricated material that seems to last forever.

Performers can work the mic closer and take advantage of the proximity effect (a bass buildup effect with close to cardioid microphones) without worrying about plosives from Ps or excessive breath noises.

PopperBlockers fit into Shure, Audix, AKG, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Electro-Voice, Samson, and other microphones and do a great job of lessening pops even when "eating" the microphone in order to be heard.

PopperBlockers are available from Full Compass at but also check out too.

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