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Sabian AAX V-Crash

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Sabian AAX V-Crash The AAX V-Crash cymbals are bright, high-pitched and come in appropriately brilliant and shiny finishes. Even though they are thin cymbals, they are medium to loud in volume and are said to play NOT like most thin cymbals.

Their pinpoint lathing make them more robust than many other thin cymbals and benefit from their balanced bell-to-bow response for a good attack sound and a wide response sensitivity. The sound of these thin cymbals tuck into the drummer's overall mix and are easily heard at low volumes yet are dynamic enough (and strong enough) to spike through loud stage volumes.

They use B20 Sabian Bronze and the warranty runs for 2-years. They come in sizes: 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20-inch sizes. Check

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