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Sanken Microphones CU-55 Condenser Mic

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Sanken Microphones CU-55 Condenser Mic The CU-55 is Sanken's latest addition to their famed line of studio microphones. It is a side-address, cardioid (only) condenser microphone with a 16-mm capsule encased in a resonant chamber like the Sanken CU-44x. This new microphone is said to have a flat frequency (40Hz to 20,000Hz) response on axis and exhibit very little proximity effect (low frequency buildup when cardioid microphones are close to sound sources). The CU-55 uses the same diaphragm material as the Sanken CU-100 and CUW-180 microphones and makes a good choice for acoustic instruments like guitars, cello, harp and piano. Capable of 147dB SPL with its -10dB pad switched in, the CU-55 easily handles close-mic applications such as brass, guitar cabinets and drums.

The CU-55's small dimensions (113mm long by 30mm diameter), side-address, and ability to not "fold" under the pressure of high SPL make it a good choice for getting into tight positions around drum kits. It is +48-volt phantom-powered, lightweight and unobtrusive looking----it sort of melts into the backline if you were to use one for live stage sound. Being a professional tool, I like its matte brown finish and great price point too. An optional accessory worth getting is the S-55 Elastic Suspension Holder.(Shown)

The Sanken CU-55 sells for $1,195 MSRP and for much more check out: or

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