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Sonic Edge FXUL8TR Effect Loop

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Sonic Edge FXUL8TR Effect Loop Sonic Edge has the new FXUL8TR and it solves a modern problem for vintage amps: effect loops were not thought of yet and to add one can destroy its resale value--let alone the amp's original sound quality. So I love the sound of my vintage amp and it is valuable but how can an effects loop be added?

FXUL8TR taps audio from the 1/4-inch speaker output jack of any guitar or bass amplifier speaker and converts it to a line level signal ready to feed any external single channel effect processor. This method uses an amplifier circuit that does nothing to the sound of the amp itself and allows the amp's speaker to function normally. FXUL8TR is not a speaker soak and is not intended to replace the amp's speaker.

Once connected, the wet only output of the effect processor is fed to another guitar amplifier's effect loop return or any standalone power amp hooked to a cabinet. Create Dry/Wet (your vintage amp plus another amp) and Wet/Dry/Wet setups with a stereo return feeding two additional amp/speakers on either side of the vintage amp in the middle.

The FXUL8TR also features a standalone microphone pre-amp with phantom powering for performance and recording or as a second feed for Dry/Wet and Wet/Dry/Wet setups.

The FXUL8TR unit sells for $289 MSRP Check:

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