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Tech 21 Boost Series

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Tech 21 Boost Series

Tech 21 has four new Boost Series Effect Pedals: Boost Distortion, Boost Overdrive, Boost Fuzz, and Bass Boost Fuzz. These pedals are made from individually selected, discreet components and housed in Tech 21's standard-issue, crush-proof aluminum boxes.

Each of these pedals is built and designed with an independent Boost function to provide up to a 21dB jump in level only--a big difference because these pedals do not automatically add extra distortion and unwanted coloration to your already carefully sculpted guitar and/or bass tone.

All four models have high impedance input circuitry to not load your guitar's pickups and a low output impedance to drive long cables back to your amp without tone loss. Each have separate Level, Tone, Drive, and Boost amount controls plus silent switching for easily incorporating them into any pedal board or, more importantly, any playing style. All good but the fun starts with the extra features!

The Boost Distortion model features the SAG control that adds tube amp pick response while the Boost Overdrive model jumps up the mid-range frequencies and upper harmonics with the SPARKLE control.

My favorite is for germanium transistor lovers, Boost Fuzz. It takes full advantage of the unique sound quality of those primeval solid-state amplifier circuits of the 50-60's but, unlike those primitives, this pedal operates consistently and is fully temperature compensated.

The Bass Boost Fuzz has a wide range of sounds from the fat, gritty sounds of a '60s fuzz bass to the 'machinations' of industrial metal mayhem. It features the +CLEAN control as a way to mix some of the original input to the pedal's output for additional clarity--or NOT!

All four of the new Boost pedals run on standard 9V batteries or the optional Tech 21 Model #DC2 DC power supply. All four retail for $195 so check out for more about these.

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