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Yamaha DTX400 Series

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Yamaha DTX400 Series The newest members of Yamaha's DTX line of electronic drums, the DTX450K and DTX400K, are entry-level kits that drummers can count on for durability and dependability while spending a little less to get into playing electronic drums live as well as programming drum tracks into their DAW systems at home.

You get the DTX400 module with 169 drum sounds, 128 instrument voices and 10 customizable kits. The DTX400 series has a fresh look with especially designed 10-inch hi-hats, crash and ride cymbals and 7.5-inch drum pads.

The DTX450K drum kit features a 3-zone snare pad for head, rim-shot and side-stick sounds. The Yamaha belt-drive foot pedal offers true kick feel and the realistic hi-hat controller allows for half-open, pedal and splash sounds. The included steel rack for the pads and kick drum pedal is rigid and solid plus, there is a way to attach an extra cymbal (PCY90AT purchased separately) if you are an "extra cymbal" kind of drummer. All the cymbal attachments on the DTX450K feature chrome hardware.

The DTX400 drum kit comes with the new beater-less KU100 kick unit for super-quiet bass drum operation but if it feels better, get the FP110 belt-drive foot pedal that come with the KP65 kick pad. It, as well as the TP70S 3-zone snare pad and XP80 DTX-PAD snare, are optional upgrades. You can mix n' match individual pads and pedals. Yamaha's DTX400K kit is $499.99 and the DTX450K sells for $699.99. Much more at:

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